Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Stands Out About College

When you think about college what stands out?

When I think about college the main thing that stands out is that you will be away from your family and friends for long periods of time. How you might miss all the holidays and your nieces and nephews birthday. A lot of the time you hear people who are in college say how much fun college is, but they never tell you that it is going to be hard work and long nights. They always forget to tell you how much you have to walk lol. So the first thing I always think about college is that every moment the good and the bad will be worth me getting a good education, so that I may achieve my goals in life. The thing that stands out about college the most at UT is our "GO VOLS" attitude!


  1. Indeed, I was amazed at the intense school spirit that Vols have for their teams and their institution. One experience that I think every UT student should have is to attend a Vol Football game. I have never seen that many people together, dressed in orange and/or white at one time! Did you know that the UT stadium is one of the top 5 largest stadiums in college football?

  2. No I did not know that, but I can that it is because it is a huge stadium. I have never been to a UT Football game yet, but I will be attending many in the fall.