Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Experiences @ UT Lead

My experiences at UT Lead have been spectacular:)
I have learned many things about college, while participating in this program. Before coming to this program I thought I had already known everything there was to know about college, but i was wrong. When you get here you think, I'm ready I know how to take care of myself. Until you have to buy your own food, toilet paper, wash your own clothes, make sure you get to class on time, manage your own time, make sure you do your homework and study, etc... This program has taught me that only college experiences can prepare you for college. From participating in the UT Lead program I know that I will be prepared for college when I come back in the fall. I think my first real college experience while in the UT Lead program was when we all took a trip to Wal-Mart and I had to buy my own food. That is when I realized how high the cost of food was, so I had to put myself on a budget. After that it was just down hill from there.

My weeks I have spent at UT so far with the Lead program have been fun, and at times I wanted to go home. I still want to go home, but I know when I get home I am gong to be so ready to come back. I have met many interesting people here, and I have encountered many things that I usually wouldn't. The UT Lead program has gave me a small vision of the college life that I can not wait to live. Now I see that life is Orange & White... "Go Vols"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Career Services

While in career services my class took a strong interest inventory test. The next day we got our test results back. At first I was thought well this want be helpful, because I don't believe that test can determine what types of personality you have, what jobs or majors you should major in. I believe that these are the type of things the person should determine their self. After looking over the feed back from the test I as quite shocked to see that a majority the results seem to be right about my personality. Some of the stuff I didn't agree with while the other stuff made me realize exactly what type of personality I have as far with working with others, and my interest. I think that career service was very helpful and I think that it can "help" certain people discover their major or what career best fits them, if they are unsure of their future.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Stands Out About College

When you think about college what stands out?

When I think about college the main thing that stands out is that you will be away from your family and friends for long periods of time. How you might miss all the holidays and your nieces and nephews birthday. A lot of the time you hear people who are in college say how much fun college is, but they never tell you that it is going to be hard work and long nights. They always forget to tell you how much you have to walk lol. So the first thing I always think about college is that every moment the good and the bad will be worth me getting a good education, so that I may achieve my goals in life. The thing that stands out about college the most at UT is our "GO VOLS" attitude!